Debian On Panasonic Laptop

I assume you are really asking “what features may not work if I install
…”. Why not test it with a live CD to see if everything works? If you are asking to determine if you want to purchase one, try googling the particular feature(s) you want along with “debian” and/or “linux”.

In general, laptops work fairly well but the peculiarities of the hardware may mean that some features don’t work will all, or in some cases any, distributions.

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WLAN Router Doesn’t Provide Fix IP Addresses

Hi list,

I have a problem with my (w)lan setup. We use telephone and internet over the cable network and the company gives us a wlan modem for free. Unfortunately this modem doesn’t allow me to specify fix IPs in the internal network for all of our machines.

Nevertheless I setup an owncloud server on one machine (which is somehow our “server” but not always running), including SSL encryption with a self-signed certificate for its IP address. That worked well for a couple of months because the IP addresses didn’t change (although they were not fixed).

Now due to a technical problem our modem got replaced all of the IP addresses changed. (I did expect that for sometime in the future… but not so early…)

Since it’s impossible to manually define the IP addresses, I’ve a problem. Of course I could create a new certificate, put it on all other machines and adjust all settings (owncloud server address…); but that’s quite an hassle.

So I wanted to ask if there are other possibilities? I can define one or two DNS server in the modem’s config. Would it work to setup my main machine (which is not always running) as an internal DNS server and use the hostnames instead of the IP addresses?

Thanks for any pointers to how I can proceed.

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Proofing Searchable Pdf Files

Hi all,

I am working on an archiving project and wish to archive documents to searchable pdf files but can’t seem to figure out how to proof read and correct the text overlay. Any suggestions.

Debian Wheezy Intel i5-750 processor HP Officejet Pro 8600 wireless all in one printer/fax/scanner gscan2pdf software with Tesseract ocr
300 to 600 dpi scans.

Tesseract seems to do a really great job but I have no good way of proving this or correcting any mistakes. Some of the documents are 100
years old and may not be in such great shape. I can always retype everything but would like to avoid this, as much as possible, for obvious reasons.

Gary R.

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Terminal Spreadsheet – Sc Fork

Thank you! My wife uses sc.

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LVM On Two Disks – Spin Down?


Depends on where that subvolume is mapped to.

It will probably be instructive if you run e.g.:

# pvdisplay –maps /dev/sda1

which will give the answer to “Which LVs occupy chunks of
/dev/sda1?”. Or

# lvdisplay –maps /dev/vgname/lvname

which will give the answer to “Where is vgname/lvname actually stored?”

(alternatively, run “vgcfgbackup vgname” and peruse /etc/lvm/backup/vgname)

Assuming that /dev/sda1 is full, yes. Even so, you can force the issue when creating the LV. Or by moving it afterwards.

I haven’t actually tried that, but I believe so. As long as none of the LVs which reside (even partially) on /dev/sdb1 are in use, yes.

Note that most LVM operations (lvcreate, pvdisplay etc) will wake up
*all* of the PVs.

Remember that you can move portions of LVs around to suit you if you like (without downtime) – courtesy of the (somewhat misnamed) pvmove command. So even if you start off with the “wrong” layout, it’s relatively easy to fix.

Hope this helps


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Problems With Greylistd And Exim And Gmail

Can anyone suggest how to whitelist gmail servers for greylisting, when I’m using exim + greylistd.
I seem to be having problem with /etc/greylistd/whitelist-hosts file:
however I describe a server in it, messages are still greylisted. I have tried and like that and simply 209.85.216 and and
209.85.128/17 in that file. And I’m also unable to find solid information on how to set it up.


Preventing The Computer From Shutting Down.


I can set up a script for backup with cron or anacron, but how can I
prevent the computer from shutting down while the backup is being performed so as to not to leave it incomplete?.



Job-Opening: Linux System Administrator (m/w) (German)

Hi, Debian Community,

This is Nicolas John, Management Assistant @ ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH, near Frankfurt, Germany. We’re currently looking for a German speaking Linux system administrator and were wondering if any of you are interested in joining our team.

Job listing here: (in English) (in German)

or here–Systemadministrator-Linux-m-w-Oberursel-bei-Frankfurt-am-Main-ZES-ZIMMER-Electronic-Systems-GmbH–3072288-inline.html?ssaPOP=1&ssaPOR=1 (in German)

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Best regards from Oberursel, Germany

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Canoscan Lide 210 Scanner

As a retired engineer, I can tell you that “the power was too much” is ridiculous. Assuming the voltage is correct–which it ought to be, to keep from blowing up whatever is plugged into the port, there cannot be “too much” power. Power is determined by voltage and current: voltage (in volts) times current (in amps) equals power (in watts). The voltage, we have determined here is constant–5VDC. The current is determined by the resistance of the load–current = voltage divided by resistance (in ohms). Any electrical device has resistance. In this case, it’s your scanner. You have no way to measure that resistance, but it will be determined by the characteristics of the device. For instance, there is probably a passive resistance, when the scanner is not scanning. Then there will be a dynamic resistance, a value determined by the amount of current the scanning motor requires. (Actually determined by the number of turns and size of wire in the scanning motor.)

You may be correct, however, in thinking that one computer has too little power. If the load–i.e., the scanner–tries to draw more current than the power supply can produce, the voltage will drop, and the scanning motor will not run, or the lamp may become too dim, or some combination of things.


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Suggestion For Systemd And /usr On Seperate Partition

Dear maintainers,

completely without starting any flamewars:

I am using systemd and I have /usr mounted on a separate partition as well as
/var, /home, /boot and /.

Additionally /usr, /var and /home are luks encrypted.

Due to this profile, I get a lot of annoying errors, as systemd does not find
/usr when it is started, because it produces an error and then switches to verbose mode. This is very annoying!

For a new installation it might be ok, to put /usr on the root partition, but I guess, there are a lot of systems in the world running a partition profile like mine.

Besides of the mentioned problem systemd is running well.

I thought about this problem. Might it be possible, to change systemd in that way, that it will start after all partitions are mounted? I know, it must be done in the source code, but as I am no coder, I cannot do it myself.

So I ask the developers hereby, maybe it wil be possible to do that.

Again, I do not want to start any flamewars! IMO each user should decide for himself, what he wants to use. I want to use systemd, and I just intend with this message to improve systemd.

Thank you very much for reading this and any help.

Best regards