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Systemd Requires Kernel To Have CONFIG_CGROUPS Enabled -> Installer Check!


my self built system is dead because systemd installer does not check if control groups are enabled BEFORE upgrading the package.

Could someone take care so the installer checks current kernel features?

(currently building new kernel, so hopefully it will be up again soon)




Auto Starting Of Ppp Has Stopped Working

After some recent upgrades (this is on jessie)
auto starting of ppp has stopped working.

So every time after booting I now have to run pppoeconf.

Any ideas?

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Dev/log In Jail

Hello List,

I have a very naive question:
how can we create a dev/log socket, similar to `/dev/log’, in a chroot jail ?

Thanks in advance, Jerome


I Am Having Trouble Subscribing To This List.

Error messages indicate that my confirmation replies to debian-user-request are not being recognized and that one reason for non-recognition is that I am already subscribed. So if see this don’t respond. My email system here was badly damaged in a reinstall of Wheezy recently, mostly by fail attempts at fixes to what was probably a really minor problem ™.

Best regards.

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Ignoring The Release ‘Valid_Until’ Option In The Preseed File

Please read the file 60local in apt-setup-udeb and see what you think.

It would appear not.

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Atftpd Listens On Wrong UDP Port


When I start an atftpd daemon with “/usr/sbin/atftpd –port 69
–bind-address –daemon /srv/tftp/” command, the TFTP
server listens on ephimeral port(58418 in this example) instead of port 69:

# atftpd –version atftp-0.7 (server)
# /usr/sbin/atftpd –port 69 –bind-address –daemon /srv/tftp/
# ss -a -u -p | grep -i TFTPd UNCONN 0 0
*:* users((“atftpd”,30612,0))
# lsof -n | grep UDP | grep TFTP
atftpd 30612 nobody 0u IPv4 17845338 0t0

Why is that so? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?

regards, Martin

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Laptop With Two-finger Gestures With A Free OS

Hi Debian List,

At work, i’ve got a mac book pro laptop, which for the first time in my life is a laptop that i can use like a serious computer. Prior to this, i refused to use a laptop because they are so much worse than desktops.

Part of the appeal for me is the two-finger gestures for scrolling.

It’s still a little worse than a desktop because of the crummy laptop keyboard, but good enough to use on transit.

So . . . i’d like to get a laptop for my personal use, but of course running a free OS.

Does this exist, with the two finger gesture use?

TIA for any info.


, ,

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This baby seems to start up for no reason, slowing whatever was being done at the time. Have to manually kill it.

Somewhere to set its priorities, i.e. nice it?


Threading Using Digest And Kmail (was Exim4 Not Routing Local Mail … )

I do not understand the difference. If I hit reply, so I get the title of the digest which I replace with the desired re: …. Should not this be OK.

Or is there some header or marker I should be hitting as well?