Anyone Knows This Errors ?

I have this in my syslog and I am wondering what it is pool[1655]: segfault at 72200 ip 00007fa419598200 sp 00007fa4149d30c0
error 4 in[7fa419550000+19f000]

and kernel: [ 507.759144] perf samples too long (2509 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 50000
kernel:[ 3696.866261] perf samples too long (5006 > 5000), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 25000

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Apt-get Update Not Downloading Packages.gz|bz2 – Trying To Load Packages Which Is Not On Server

On a wheezy install (basically default from what I can tell), why would apt-get update try to load Packages file from server when the server serves Packages.gz and Packages.bz2?

The repo is a http served mirror created with debmirror.

I think I came across this once a few years ago, but for the life of me I can’t google an answer – been trying stackexchange, serverfault, the debian admin manual, my gmail history and plenty other google links. My searches (such as the subject line of this email, amongst many others) are not yet yielding success for me.


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Writing To /dev/stdout Fails In Cron Script


Running up-to-date Wheezy.

I have a script, simplified like this:



Surprisingly Cheap HP 255 G2 Laptop; Wheezy Possible?

List, good morning,

There’s an attractive offer in UK for an HP 255 G2 laptop, from Misco:

and I wondered whether anybody had had good experience running Wheezy on it? I had two queries, touchpad, and UEFI,

Searching revealed that its Synaptics touchpad is causing problems in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

but I’ve no idea whether this meant problems were with the Synaptics driver and might occur with Wheezy. A sort-of assessment for Linux on it is here:

I’ve two applications for this machine, one would be text based so the touchpad wouldn’t be an issue, but the other would employ a graphical desktop, and be mounted on the top shelf of a cabinet, so an external mouse wouldn’t be an option. So I wondered in particular whether anybody had Wheezy on this, and managed to use the touchpad?

Could I ask about UEFI? It would, presumably, have a UEFI bios, as well and, while I’ve seen lots of postings about UEFI on the list, I
have never used a UEFI system and didn’t really understand what was being said. Are there still problems with UEFI, or will Wheezy install quite happily on UEFI these days?

[HP 255 G2 seems to come in at least two AMD CPU flavours. The subject model uses AMD A4-5000M, while another 255 G2 (similar price but requiring time-windowed cashback)

uses AMD E1-2100 .]

Grateful for any thoughts.

regards, Ron



Pulseaudi And Pavucontrol – Was – Anyone Got Dragon Naturally Speaking Working Under Debian Wheezy?

As a befuddled user, who benefitted from the particular advice on list, to install pavucontrol with pulseaudio, in order to get sound working on a computer, I think, in the context of the above, that having pavucontrol as a “Recommended” package to install with pulseaudio, with some explanation like “GUI configuration tool for pulseaudio”, would probably be quite good.


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Upgrade Stuck (and Machine Too)

Hi list,

About an hour ago, I upgraded my sid 32 bits and encountered a problem I
never had; package dbus refuses to restart, stucking dbus-x11 an some others depending on them :(

This is the message I get (dselect, after synaptic):
Setting up dbus (1.8.6-2) … Job for dbus.service canceled. invoke-rc.d: initscript dbus, action “start” failed. dpkg: error processing package dbus (–configure):
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libpam-systemd:i386: libpam-systemd:i386 depends on dbus; however:
Package dbus is not configured yet.

The machine’s not down, but when I log on a console I get that after
? minutes:
Welcome to emergency mode! After logging in, type “journalctl -xb” to view system logs, “systemctl reboot” to reboot, “systemctl default” to try again to boot in default mode.

CTRL-D does nothing, nor does entering root p/w :((

On 3 available consoles, one is stuck on that and I don’t dare logging in another one, fearing to lose any possibility (ssh works normally though).

A little help would be welcome.


Enabling Remote X Window Sessions

I want to run X clients on a remote machines and display on my Debian
7.6 machine. I recognize the security risk. I usually run the lxde desktop. I see that gdm3 is starting the Xorg server with “-nolisten tcp” arguments. I read that this can be disabled by editing
/etc/gdm3/daemon.conf to add under the [security] heading:



Drupal Developer – Mountain View, CA – Full Time Or Contract

- Positions: 1
- Type: Full time/salaried or contract/hourly
- Location: Hired developer will work on-site in Mountain View, CA
- Rate: Salary to 110k or contract to 90/hour dep. on exp.
- Citizenship: Required. Green Card Ok
- Relocation: OK

My Mountain View, CA client is a Drupal-focused development firm that builds large, scalable websites and web apps requiring complex functionality. They are looking for a Drupal Developer to join the team either as a full time salaried employee or a full time consultant. Either way, all work must be performed on-site in their Mountain View location.

Qualified candidates will be an expert in Drupal module and theme development. You should be very comfortable with Drupal 7 Form API, database abstraction layer, using AJAX in Drupal forms, responsive theming, etc.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please submit your resume along with your salary or hourly requirements to

Thank you, Dan Swift


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How To Tell What Makes Chromium Abort 134?

How does one tell which package makes chromium abort with exit code 134?
Replace each package one by one with an older version until it works again?
Yes it happens for all users.

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Multiboot Usage

Any one using multiboot please reply. I have a system that is running several linux distros, each on its own hard drive. I have also got windows 7 pro and KfreeBSD on their own hard drives. I want to get the grub2 osprobe to recognize the KfreeBSD disk as its also set up with a grub boot loader. all the other drives are recognized & are able to be booted natively using a grub install on the mbr of the main (first) boot drive. That was/is configured properly using update-grub. I have installed the ufs tools and verified that there is a ufs1 & ufs2 mod in the kernel directory. Any suggestions as to what to do. I’ve looked at several web pages about this and most seem out of date & I’m apprehensive about directly editing the grub.cfg file as it says to NOT do that. Thanks!

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