Can’t Get Past Authenticity Of Host Popup With Ssh

I can SSH from machine A to B as user ross on both, using key-based login. ssh-agent is running under KDE on A. A is Debian wheezy, B is Debian squeeze.

However, when I do the following sequence on A:
sux # change to root with X credentials ssh -i /home/ross/.ssh/id_rsa ross@B

A window pops up with the message “The authenticity of host ‘xxx’
can’t be established. RSA key fingerprint is YYY. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?
The title is “OpenSSH Authentication Passphrase Request” and it has 2
buttons, “OK” and “Cancel”. When I click OK I get a message, in my original terminal, Host key verification failed.

Clicking cancel doesn’t change the result. Operating in a shell from which I have unset DISPLAY and the SSH_AGENT variables doesn’t change the result (there’s no popup, just an immediate verification failure).

I would be very grateful if anyone could explain what’s going and what I can do to get past this. I have checked permissions of the relevant files for ross and root on A, and they appear to be in order. On A, root’s .ssh/ has only a known_hosts file.

I have never encountered this popup before; I have only seen the “Are you sure you want to continue connecting” in the same terminal from which I ran ssh, and I can reply on the command line. I don’t know where the popup is coming from.

My speculation is that because of the popup all my responses are taken as “No” for continuing connecting.

I have to run as root for sshuttle.

Thanks. Ross Boylan

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Trying To Install Nvidia-settings


Apparently you have nvidia-glx installed from the backports. So, correct way to install nvidia-settings would be

sudo aptitude -t wheezy-backports install nvidia-settings


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Gv Won’t Show Footers

Hi all.

With Debian Sid: when gv reads a `.ps’ file, page numbers are half cut off. The same file and its footers are properly read by gv in older Debian boxes.

Please help anybody can.




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Debian Systems Engineer At Hudson River Trading, New York, NY

Hi, We’re looking for a Debian expert to join our Systems team at Hudson River Trading.

Working on the Systems team at Hudson River Trading (HRT) means working on a small, highly productive and efficient team. At HRT, a fully automated trading firm based in NYC, the computers you build and manage *are* our business, so it is everyone’s job to make sure the systems team has everything they need to do their jobs well.

We are looking for all-star sysadmins who like being challenged, hate to climb corporate ladders, and don’t mind the added bonus of having hard work rewarded through recognition and very competitive compensation. At HRT, sysadmins are integral to the success of our trading, and they know it. You can always expect to be challenged by the ever-changing financial markets, and find yourself working on critical projects in an extremely fast-paced, real-time environment.

- Help deploy Debian worldwide
- Streamline our install and upgrade processes
- Build and update Debian packages, push fixes upstream
- Linux performance analysis and tuning
- Troubleshoot complex networking and OS issues
- Build tools to improve our research, trading, automation, and monitoring
- Assist with ongoing maintenance and support of large scale Debian installations

Technical Skills:
- Extensive knowledge of Linux, especially Debian
- Python and shell scripting experience
- Familiarity with systems configuration management and monitoring tools
- Understanding of network protocols and file systems
- Experience with Debian packaging and policy (Debian Developer is a plus)

Other Requirements:
- BS / MS in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or related field
- Ability to manage time efficiently, working independently and on a team
- Ability to fix and analyze problems quickly
- Ability to learn quickly and apply new skills effectively

The Culture:
HRT is first and foremost a math and technology firm. We pride ourselves on having created a work environment that comfortably blends the laid back feeling of a dot-com, the imagination of a startup, the excitement of a trading floor and the intellectual stimulation of a think tank. This unique culture is specifically designed to foster creativity and cooperation.

We have a fun and casual office atmosphere, but everyone works diligently to get the job done. We boast a flat management structure as all our people are motivated by the excitement of being at the forefront of the automated trading world. No politics or red tape exist to impede the generation or implementation of ideas. One of our greatest values is work-life balance, so we offer our employees a wide range of benefits.

Additional Perks:
- Highly competitive compensation
- 100% medical and dental coverage
- 4 weeks of paid vacation
- Jeans and T-shirt dress code
- On-site gourmet chef
- On-site fitness room
- On-site game room with arcade console, foosball, ping pong, rock band, etc.
- Frequent social outings, trips and company activities

Please apply online at:

Thanks, Daniela

Daniela Ortiz HR & Recruiting Direct: 212.293.1914 HRT on Facebook

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Very Small Fonts In KDE After Installing Nvidia Drivers

Searching, I find

sudo nvidia-xconfig –no-use-edid-dpi

which generates a etc/X11/xorg.conf file disabling the DPI info from the monitor’s EDID.

Then you would edit the xorg.conf file’s monitor section and put something agreeable here:

Option “DPI” “96 x 96″

I guess the DPI ratio should correspond to your TV’s resolution (or something). In other words, unless you got a square TV, 96 x 96 is probably not the way you want to go.


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User Mounting A Filesystem; Was And; Was Mounting A Labeled Filesystem.

From: Reco
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 09:31:14 +0300

Output is independent of the -v option.

peter@dalton:~$ mount -v -t ext2 LABEL=GRNSDHC41
mount: only root can do that peter@dalton:~$ mount -t ext2 LABEL=GRNSDHC41
mount: only root can do that

Regards, … Peter E.

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Debian 8 Kmail IMAP Funktioniert Nach Einiger Zeit Nicht Mehr, Rechner Muss Neu Gestartet Werden

Hallo, ich habe seit debian 8 Schwierigkeiten mit Kmail und IMAP Servern, ich benutze zum Beispiel den IMAP Server von Gmail. Andauernd kann ich nicht mehr auf die Emails zugreifen. Sie werden nicht mehr angezeigt, ein abholen des Ordnerinhalts funktioniert ewig oder es steht da es befindet sich im Offline Modus und ob ich online gehen m

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File Transfer

I bought a new Toshiba lap top and want to copy the files from my old Toshiba lap top to the new one. They both have Debian, the latest version, so can I just hook up usb to usb and copy that way? If so would I need a certain command to do it?

Just a thought to make it easier since the old one’s dvd burner no longer works.

Thanks Moe



Config Vsftpd 2.3.5-3 On Debian 7.8

So they log in, and see “/” as the remote working directory?

Depending on the sftp software they’re running, this is normal, as they’re in the root directory for their session. if they run a ‘ls’
command, they should see any available files/directories in their root directory as defined by how you set them up.


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Corrupted USB Drive